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Bethel Music

Bethel Music Publishing is a full service publishing company, responsible for the administration and promotion of all the songs within the Bethel Music catalogue. Bethel Music Publishing introduces, promotes and markets songs through several Bethel Church ministries and affiliates. One of the most effective ways that we expose our songs to our growing, international community is through iBethel.TV, which has more than 75,000 subscribers and streams to over 197 nations. Bethel Music Publishing also features Bethel Music Publishing songs on our website as well as several affiliate sites. Our songs are sung in our school of ministry, our annual worship school and all of our conferences. Global Legacy is another very effective way Bethel Music Publishing distributes songs. Global Legacy is our network of about a thousand churches that are connected to Bethel Church.

All of these resources combine to form a marketing and distribution network that helps maximize the full potential of each of our writer’s songs.

Bethel Music Publishing also offers worldwide licensing for the catalogue. If you would like to apply for a mechanical, synch, or print license, please contact us at publishing@bethelmusic.com.

Music transcends the mind and impacts the heart. It refuses to be imprisoned by the ideologies of men or enslaved by logic and reason. Music is mysterious, divine energy that frees the soul, inspires the spirit and transforms the world. Music knows no boundaries; it can ascend into the royal palaces of kings or descend to the depths of the destitute and the depressed. It can touch the heart of God while delivering the soul of a sinner. Music is a spiritual, powerful, multidimensional experience.

Bethel Music Publishing was formed to deploy these powerful, multidimensional aspects of music into the divine purposes of God.


  • HONOR OUR KING – We were created; formed and fashioned, for worship. Writing songs that capture the heart of our King is a holy occupation, our priestly responsibility and spiritual warfare. The whole notion that a holy and majestic Creator would have any use for a song sang by some mortal being; is tough to grasp. But the idea that GOD is actually touched in the very essence of His being through worship is incomprehensible. It’s for this reason alone, that song writing is a noble pursuit of the highest order.
  • LEAVE A LEGACY – There is a timeless dimension to song writing that has great influence on the coming generations. Songwriters create treasures, held in the timeless vaults of eternal influence; prophetic messages destine to be released on distant generations; molding hearts, shaping history and breaking generational curses.
  • REFORM THE CHURCH – Melodies are missionaries emerging from the stanzas of songs. These songs enlighten Believers, sculpt the poor in spirit and feed hungry hearts. The apostle Paul put it this way, “teach and admonish one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs…” John and Charles Wesley were two of the greatest reformers in Church history. John preached powerfully, while Charles wrote songs of reformation. Together they unearth truth, exposed deception and redefined the church.
  • TRANSFORM THE WORLD – When the Beatles made their début in the mid-1960s, the Russian KGB heard their music and outlawed their albums. The Russians believed that if their citizens were exposed to the Beatles’ music, they would realize there were happy people in the world and tear down the iron curtain. It turns out that their fears were not entirely unfounded. In one documentary on the USSR, the commentator actually attributed the end of the Cold War and the fall of communism to the Beatles.


There were obviously other factors in the fall of communism, but this story demonstrates the power that music has to transform cultures. In the hands of the righteous, music can alter the course of history and turn the hearts of nations back to their God-given destiny.

We want to invite gifted and anointed songwriters, who carry our core virtues in their hearts, to join us in this great adventure of honoring God, impacting the Church and transforming the world. Let the journey begin!