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With origins in Florida, Bethany Wohrle was began leading worship at only nine within the backdrop of her long time congregation’s children’s church. Following her family, Bethany moved to Bethel when she was 17. Her family became engaged in the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry together where she organically plugged in to leading worship, including volunteering at Bethel Church Twin View. Bethany’s new hometown of Redding set the scene of an introduction to her husband, Christopher, who coincidingly played keys at Bethel. Within months of expressing interest in joining the collective, she was en route to Bethel Music’s tour throughout Asia, being nurtured by mainstays like Jenn Johnson and Kalley Heiligenthal. That initial run revealed that Bethany was destined and devoted to the calling of being a worship leader. Her continued tenure within Bethel Music has led into the natural extension of songwriting with members like Brian Johnson and Sean Feucht. “I’m learning that I don’t want worship to just be a sound, I want worship to be worship,” shares Bethany. “I want people to not just hear a song that is being sung but to hear the heart behind it.” Bethany will be featured on future Bethel Music collections.


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Aleph Tav Conference

June 27, 2019 - Bossier City, LA

Josh Baldwin, Bethany Wohrle