Devotional, Heaven Come Conference

A Year of Hope – Dawna DeSilva

April 4, 2016
Bethel Music

Dawna De Silva is the Founder and Co-Leader of Sozo, the international healing and deliverance ministry, which was birthed at Bethel Church. Whether training people for Sozo ministry, shifting atmospheres or ministering prophetically, she releases people, churches and cities into new vision and freedom. No matter how traumatic the wounding, Dawna ministers with authority and gentleness, imparting hope and healing. She will be one of the main speakers at the Heaven Come Conference in May 2016. For more information on Heaven Come, visit

I feel like this year is a year of hope. I just want to say that to people who are struggling with “yeah buts”. You know, you get into a situation, and instead of hearing the truth about it, you counter God’s word with a “yeah but…” “Yeah, He is faithful, but….”

Sometimes even in a culture of testimonies, testimonies can hurt your heart. I mean I just have to be real. I know some of you guys reading this are saying, “Oh how can she say that, she’s a horrible person.” But it’s happened to all of us. How many of you have heard a testimony and it’s actually hurt your heart because you’re like, “God, I could have used that, I really would have liked that one,” or “God I’ve been waiting for ten years for that word and they got the testimony, they’ve struggled with it for a week and they got the testimony.”

Well I find that when those things hit our heart and hurt our heart, it’s because we are hoping not in what we should hope in, but instead, we’re looking at the specific answer as our hope. The truth is we are attached to a living hope, and I believe that as we get our eyes on the living hope this year of hope is gonna open up and explode for us because there is more than enough time.

I know that a lot of us struggle with the fear of missing out. I’ve heard this especially with women trying to raise their kids, “I’m missing out on my time, I’m missing out on a year when I could be out doing things”, that’s just not true. When you’re at home with your kids, you be the best mom that you can be, you’re raising generations. Same for whatever season of life you find yourself in currently, find the purpose of your season, that one thing God placed in you that only you can release. I want to encourage you not to feel passed up and let down and in those moments. You will minister to your kids and to your neighbors and to those around you. What is in you will come out.

So for those people who have felt like they’re completely shut down, I just want to declare over you that this is the year of hope. What is in you is going to come out of you and it’s going to be for the glory of God. 2016 is a year of breaking limitations and I declare that this is a limitless year and we’re going to see things bow that have been in front of us, and mocking us for years, they are going to bow this year because we serve a God of hope and we are attached to the living hope.