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Egypt: An Interview with Cory Asbury

March 27, 2020
Bethel Music

Our God isn’t distant—He steps right into our wilderness to march us out. Cory Asbury’s newest single “Egypt” is the third song to emerge as part of Bethel Music’s God of Revival album, a collection of songs that have ignited us as a family and church. “Egypt” is a song of thanks to the One who fights for us even in our weakness, and sets us free to worship Him. This song has been reviving us as a community and waking us up to a God who is relentlessly kind. In the following interview, Cory shares about the significance of his song “Egypt” and how he has experienced God’s freedom.


When did you start writing “Egypt”?

“Egypt” was born in the winter of 2017, just after moving from Colorado Springs to Kalamazoo, Michigan. My wife and I were leading worship at our local church, and during the final song “No Longer Slaves” our church erupted into spontaneous praise. Our pastor, Lee Cummings, jumped on stage and began leading the room in thanksgiving. During this time, he spoke the phrase, “You stepped into my Egypt!” Something inside of me lept. It was the phrase my heart had been feeling but lacked language for until that moment. 

The few years prior to moving to Kalamazoo felt a lot like Israel’s years in Egypt. It felt like we were in captivity, slaving away for another’s kingdom and getting nowhere fast. It was really difficult and every day felt like a grind. God stepped in and miraculously delivered us from some really tough situations and set us in Richland, Michigan (literally a RICH LAND). It felt like our Promised Land, flowing with milk and honey. 


Listen to “Egypt” by Cory Asbury


What does Egypt signify for you, and how has God stepped into that?

Egypt signifies the spirit of religion to me. The spirit of religion uses fear and control to silence God’s people. It intimidates and attempts to shut down our worship. The spirit of religion keeps us stuck, like running on a hamster wheel thinking you’re making progress in your own strength, but all the while, you actually haven’t moved an inch. 


What aspect of God are you hoping for people to experience through your song?

I hope people experience the freedom to worship God without the fetters of man’s opinions and eyes. Scripture says God delivered Israel from Egypt so they could worship. I hope people experience God’s relentless fight for their heart of worship. 


What does revival look like to you?

To me, revival looks like the acute awareness of God in the context of healthy family and community. It’s sustainable without striving. It’s not built on the backs of our effort, it’s poured out through His grace in our weakness. It’s healing, wholeness, joy, and life.

I hope this song sets people free to worship God. Sometimes in order to rightly look at the future, we must consider His faithfulness in the past. I hope “Egypt” sparks a tidal wave of gratefulness that spills over into our everyday lives.


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