Heaven Come Conference, Testimony

Heaven Come Conference 2016 Testimonies

June 3, 2016
Bethel Music

We believe that bringing Heaven to earth is not just another phrase, we believe it is the tangible presence of God among us and working through us. When the idea of Heaven Come Conference was ignited, we gathered together as a family praying and laboring in love to see Heaven come to earth.

Every person experienced the love of the Father in their own way, some through encouraging words from other attendees they had never met before, others through physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental healing. Whether this was a first encounter or renewed invitation to journey with God, this was life changing and has marked us for eternity.

Over the past week, we’ve received hundreds of testimonies of healings, restorations, declarations and transformations that came from these 3 days. Here are just a few of these powerful moments from Heaven Come Conference 2016.

hc-dayone-opening-24“At Heaven Come, God revealed so much more of Himself that I realized — the only thing I do by holding on is prohibit myself from grabbing that which is within reach that He has for me, called me to + destined me for. So tonight, after some ‘face time’ with Jesus, I’m ready to LET GO. These burdens have only served as false protectors, false notions, pretenses and facades ‘validating’ insecurities that have only kept me chasing ahead only to run back and toy with them some more. No more. Not today. Not any longer. So long burdens.” – Lauryn, Heaven Come Conference 2016 Attendee


“I left my purse on my seat Friday at Heaven Come and when I opened it later, I found notes from people that sat near me during the conference. It was so sweet. It made me feel loved and valued.” – Angie, Heaven Come Conference 2016 Attendee


“Being at Bethel for 2 years now has taught me that revival looks like something. It looks like encouraging God’s people to stand tall in who they are, giving people permission to be fully alive, it looks like family being done well, even if it’s messy. It looks like gathering to worship the only one worthy, and it also looks like a bunch of us normal people dancing like maniacs on a stage. This was the life I always wanted to live, I just didn’t know I wanted it.” – Caleb, BSSM Student and Heaven Come Conference 2016 Ministry Team Member

hc-daythree-worship-6 AB_IMG_4701

“Don’t be intimidated into silence about the hope of Jesus. Testifying to what you have seen & heard requires that you speak up! I have found that people are absolutely ACHING for truth. Jesus doesn’t just provide the answers; He IS the answer. Find your voice and simply share what Jesus has done for you!” – Joshua, Heaven Come Conference 2016 Attendee

AB_IMG_3474 AB_IMG_3510

“Conference has been filled with intense worship and messages of life. But even in all this goodness I’ve been filled with a lot of grief. My heart breaking and burning for areas in my life that I did not yet see deliverance in. But as each day went by, my mind began to renew in the presence of God. I began to see clearly and my heart began to believe beyond my circumstances. Though my circumstances have not changed, I am filled with an unexplainable peace. The power of worship is incredible. It opens your eyes to the truth that God has good things in store for each person and that He has called each person to live in freedom. God has renewed my mind to see every situation with hope! To have brave faith and expect only the best. God is doing something new and my grief has been turned into joy in the presence of my Almighty God.” – Jinnie, Heaven Come Conference 2016 Attendee

hc-dayone-opening-34 AB_IMG_5070

“God just continues to leave me in awe. Often times people ask me ‘What’s the point of going to church if I can have a relationship with Jesus on my own?’ Which is a great question. When it comes down to it, church is not what we are supposed to rely on to maintain our relationship with Jesus. We get to connect to God 24/7 through prayer, worship, and His word. But church is a celebration. Church is getting together with a community of believers one day out of the week and celebrating the finished work of what Jesus has done for us on the cross and the fact that we have new life, new hope, and new purpose in Him. So, if that’s what church is, imagine a conference, with 7,000 believers from all around the world celebrating the finished work of Jesus together in full unity.” – Emanuel-Louise, Heaven Come Conference 2016 Attendee

AB_IMG_4017 hc-dayone-opening-42

“I often leave gatherings like these feeling not inspiration, but intimidation. Worried that I’ll never be able to use my gifts, my voice, my passion for anything significant like those around me seem to be doing. But the freedom released over this city, so many people, and my own life this week? It’s identity-shaping, destiny-affirming, earth-shaking. Let me tell you, Holy Spirit blew the roof off and tore down those old walls right along with it. Just. Wow. The complete freedom in knowing that His love never fails, never gives up, never runs out — That’s enough to inspire anyone, not to mention shout down intimidation or any other powers that dare try to come against the Kingdom.” – Coburn, Heaven Come Conference 2016 Attendee


“I talked to a guy at Verve Coffee today and he asked what I was up to. I replied, ‘Oh, I’m headed to this conference down the street.’ He lights up and replies, ‘OH YEAH, a lot of people have been coming in here from that conference. They’re the KINDEST people I’ve met! Everyone!’ This can be summed up in one word for me: FREEDOM. When people surrender, they get free. When people are free, they get other people free.” – Stephanie, Heaven Come Conference 2016 Attendee


“A month ago, I was going down a slip n’ slide, and my foot hit the barrier and my knee locked. And all the force of the impact, crushed my ankle and broke it. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt, and couldn’t feel anything below my knee for an hour. I didn’t have any health insurance, so I just got a brace at the store. I took a few days off of work, but I’ve been wearing the brace for a month. The first day at conference, the Lord told me not to wear the brace. I said, “Ok, but that’s going to hurt,” and I got prayer for that morning and the pain was gone. I woke up the next day and felt pain again, and said, “No, no, I am not receiving that pain back.” And then we prayed today, and mind you, for a month I couldn’t jump or stand on my tip toes, and after the prayer today, I was able to jump and my ankle that was black and blue was totally healed and looks normal now.” – Demi, Healed at Heaven Come Conference 2016


“Last night a lady asked me to pray for her. She told me that she hadn’t slept in 3 months and when she would sleep she would have horrible dreams/night terrors. So I prayed for her and asked God to just fill her mind with peace. This morning she found me and she told me that for the first time in months, she slept for the first time and felt an overwhelming peace.” – BSSM Ministry Team Student about a Healing


“When Ben Armstrong got on stage and started to specifically go after healing, he mentioned that there was someone who needed healing from shoulder pain. I’ve had my rotator cuff torn for about three years, and I continue to strain it and tear it. During prayer, I just felt the pain leave and had full range of motion. I raised my hand up and people came to pray for me. Ben asked if anyone else needed healing, and there was a girl named Kari next to me who had nerve pain. I prayed over her and she was healed right in that moment.” – Mike, Healed at Heaven Come Conference 2016


“A woman came up to me to get prayer for her back. She was in a car accident and it had messed up her back alignment. I prayed, and at first nothing happened, so I sat her down to check if her legs were even. Her right leg was about an inch shorter, and about 5 seconds into praying, her leg just popped out. She stood up and we prayed for her back 2 more times. Each time, the pain went down, and as we did, the joy of the Lord would encounter her, over and over again.” – BSSM Ministry Team Student about a Healing

AB_IMG_3655 hc-daythree-finale

I pray that everyone would leave Heaven Come Conference with a decision to choose Christ and a deeper level of surrender. A surrender that takes every ounce of guts we have. Surrendering the little and the big, every emotion– surrendering your life. That you would walk out of these doors declaring that we want to build something with God forever. We are surrendered vessels. We may have the lights, the videos, the music, but the bottom line is, if people don’t leave this place fully surrendered, then none of this matters. Worship is just a passing idea to someone until they are put through the fire. Nothing can stand against a Church who worships, who realizes the power of worship. – Brian Johnson

Heaven Come Conference 2016 is just the beginning. With all of the miraculous that happened we can hardly wait for what God is about to unfold. We are excited for the future and we can’t wait to see you at Heaven Come Conference 2017.


Join us September 21-23, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA for Heaven Come Conference 2017! Worship with the Bethel Music Collective and special guests including, Carl Lentz, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton and more. Save your seat now.