Behind The Scenes

Introducing the Buck of Bethel Music

February 25, 2015
Bethel Music

For the past few months, our community has enjoyed hearing questions surrounding the Bethel Music logo. We have heard thoughts such as: “Why does Bethel Music have a buck as their logo?” and even “Is it some kind of team mascot? Do they keep them as pets? Do they all just really like hunting?”

The truth is that this logo has developed over a lifetime of experiences and passions. It is a representation of prophetic words being realized and a long history of family heritage. The story here runs deep, and certainly cannot be captured in a single blog post. Having said that, we thought it was time to share about how this symbol came to be. Here are some of the themes that have shaped our community and eventually helped us develop the logo for Bethel Music.

bethel music logo

bethel music logo2At our core, Bethel Music is a family; a community of adventurous sons and daughters, a down-to-earth bunch of creative artists. We love our small Northern California town, as well as the mountains and skies that surround us. This scripture from Romans has been an anchor for our team, a verse that reminds us how all of creation displays the glory of the Creator Himself. We find comfort in the realization that our loving God reveals himself through natural things. Through the beauty of creation, we can see God’s handprint detailed throughout our lives.

It was only fitting that our Bethel Music community be represented by an aspect of the natural world around us.


The visual painted in Psalm 42 of the deer replenishing by the stream is one that resonates within our community. Our hearts’ desire is that in times of hunger and thirst, our eyes would be set upon finding joy and hope in the Lord’s streams of living water. In this quiet, safe place with Him, all distractions are swept aside and we come to experience fullness and rest. Here, we find the Lord and before Him alone, we enter into seasons of refreshing, which then equip us with something to give.

At Bethel Music, our community has discovered the value of rest and learning to live in the steady rhythms of grace. We feel that a deer embodies the same calm, humble strength that we are called to carry as believers.

bethel music logo3

Here we find a depiction of overcoming obstacles and scaling mountainous heights. As we behold God as our source of all, we are strengthened. Grace, faith and hope fill our hearts. Because of Him, our feet are steady like the deer. As we walk and run upon the mountains of life, as we tread unfamiliar paths and as we are stretched beyond our previous experience, we are reminded to remain steady in the strength of God. The Lord enables us to rely on His steadfast love and to confidently walk in safety and security.

These are a few of the scriptures and perspectives that have shaped our Bethel Music culture. Our love for the outdoors and the intrigue of creation influences our worship and adoration. We hope this offers some insight into the logo that you now see wherever you find our music- the simple and specific “buck” has layers of meaning inspired by both our history and our direction.