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Spring: A Photo Essay

October 22, 2015
Stephen Hart

I thought a lot about how I wanted to theme my third photo essay. After much deliberation, I felt to go with a seasonal theme. I recently moved to the USA from New Zealand, so I’m watching all my family and friends back home navigate the southern hemisphere and its wonderfully different weather – they’re currently in the middle of spring.

With my theme set, I was reminded of a beautiful song called “Spring” by a New Zealand band, “Sound The Ocean“. The lyrics of that song tell of our humanity being re-awakened as Jesus breathes His life and love into us afresh.

This song is part of my testimony, as 2 years ago, when I worked a brutal early morning shift at a clothing retail store Farmers in New Zealand, my life felt very hopeless. The dream in my heart was so very different to the reality that was directly in front of me. However, I had one thing that cheered me up every morning. At around 8.30am each morning, the Farmers’ in-store playlist played “Spring.” God would whisper to my heart that everything would be okay; that He held my world together, and that He hadn’t forgotten me – my winter would turn to spring and I would be bursting at the seams!

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