Testimony, Worship Nights

Testimony – Ilze’s Story

March 27, 2015
Bethel Music

We are overwhelmed by what God is doing through ‪#‎WorshipNights‬ in South Africa. We’ll be sharing more stories of transformation and healing with you. This is Ilze’s story:

“My mom has a really bad back to this day. Since having my first son, I have had the same back pain for 12 years. Last year, I started asking God to heal me. My friend bought me a ticket to come tonight to Worship Nights– I wasn’t supposed to come. I wasn’t going to get prayer for this, but my friend told me she had heard stories of healing where legs grew out.

I asked God to help me not to doubt that He could heal me. They prayed for me that I wouldn’t live with any more fear and that my back would be healed. Now I can fully bend down, it feels like there’s a platform under one of my feet because now my legs are even and it feels so different!”