God of the Redeemed

CCLI# 5858132

written by Paul McClure, Hannah McClure, Jeremy Riddle

© 2010 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP) / Mercy Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP) (Adm at Music Services, Inc.). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Key of B

Verse 1

We Ebelong to You G#mFather
Love has Ecome, we’re Borphans no F#mLonger
Brought Einto Your light and G#mfreedom
By the Eblood and the Bmercy of F#mJesus


EIt’s rising, F#mits rising, G#mthe song of Bhope
from us set Efree
It’s rising, F#its rising, G#mits rising F# /B♭up


BHallelujah Eto You God of the Bredeemed
BHallelujah, EYou’ve opened blinded eyes to G#msee
G#mWe will praise You
EYou are the everlasting Blight
Hallelujah Eto You God of the redeemedEG#mF#

Verse 2

We belong to You Father, living for,
Your glory and honor
Here on Earth, just as in Heaven
We usher in, the reign of Your Kingdom