So Good to Me

CCLI# 6023825

written by Cory Asbury, William Matthews

© 2008 Forerunner Worship (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Key of G


[only C] [only G/B] [only A m] [only G/B] [only C] [only G/B] [only A m]

Verse 1

CI waited G /Bpatiently Amupon the GLord
CAnd He G /Binclined and heard my Amcry
CHe pulled me G /Bup out of the Ammiry Gclay
CHe set my G /Bfeet upon a Amrock

Verse 2

He gave me C beauty G /B for ashes and
Am Joy for G my mourning and
C Praise G /B for heavinessAm
He put a Cnew song in G /Bmy mouth
And a Am crown upon G my head he gave me
C Life G /B forevermoreAm


You’ve been Cso good, G /Bso so good to me
AmSo good, Gso so good to me,
CSo good, G /Bso so good to me, AmJesus

Verse 3

He Cpicked me up and he G /Bturned me around
And he Amplaced my feet on the Gsolid ground
CHallelujah[only G/B] [only A m]


[only C] [only B7] [only B/D#] [only E m] [only D m] [only G] [only C] [only B m] [only G] [only E m]

I’ve got Clove, joy, B7peace, & [only B/D#] [only E m]righteousness
In the DmHoly GSpirit

COh, oh, Bmoh,Goh, Amyea