On the Shores

CCLI# 7006880

written by Melissa Helser

© 2011 Bethel Music Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.


[only G] [only G/B] [only C]

Verse 1

On the Gshores of my soul I give you G /BpermissionC
To Gwash my tears G /Baway C
And Gtake all my G /BdisappointmentC
And Gfill me with joy once G /BagainC


I’m gonna Emsing out Bmloud
And Emlet my voice be Bmheard
It’s a Emsong of victoryBm
And it’s Emringing in the Bmearth


On the Gtop of my cage I am G /BsittingC
GAbove the shame so G /BlonelyC
Your Gkindness it has G /Blifted C me
To Gsee the way that G /Byou Csee