You're My Home

CCLI# 7083278

written by Josh Baldwin, Bobby Strand, Joe Volk

© 2016 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Verse 1
GmSon of B♭God, Son of Man
GmLet me be E♭a tree that is planted
GmBy the B♭banks, in the land
GmWhere Your watE♭ers run with mercy

GmRight where YouB♭ are
I wannaGm be with E♭You
GmInto YourB♭ arms
I’m coming Gmafter E♭You

Chorus 1
You’re my hB♭ome… whE♭ /B♭oa
Sings my sB♭oul… whE♭ /B♭oa

Verse 2
Son of God, Son of Man
Let me be a rock that is grounded
In Your life, in Your hand
Where You calm the storm
That surrounds me

Chorus 2
You’re my hB♭ome… whE♭ /B♭oa
Sings my soB♭ul… whE♭ /B♭oa
You’re my hB♭ome… whE♭ /B♭oa
Sings my soF#ul… whGmoa    E♭

B♭Cover me like a flF#ood
CmHeart expE♭loding
GmCover me in Your loF#ve