God is Good

Three words that define your destiny


Releasing Worldwide October 17th

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The Book

Bill Johnson is the Senior Leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California and father to Brian Johnson. For decades, Bill and his wife, Beni, have poured their lives into seeing His kingdom come here on earth as in Heaven. One day during a pastor's prayer meeting, God spoke to Bill and told him to write this book. Never before had God told him what to write, but in this moment, it was very clear: God had asked Bill to write about His goodness.

Join Bill as you explore what it means for God to be good. If we truly believe that, how would this radically change our view of Him and the world around us?

As Bill puts it, "Merely changing our theology changes us, not Him. But when what we believe is anchored in the reality of who He is, earth comes into agreement with Heaven where the reality of His world increasingly invades ours, manifested in both power and glory."

Bill travels globally to speak and has authored many bestselling titles including, "When Heaven Invades Earth," "Hosting the Presence," "The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind," and "Strengthen Yourself in the Lord."

"His goodness is beyond our ability to comprehend, but not our ability to experience."

Bill Johnson

Exclusive Video

a father and son interview with Brian and Bill Johnson


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What People are Saying

  • "God is good. He certainly is! The pages of this book are filled with revelation after revelation of the goodness of God. Whatever season you are walking through, God's nature toward us is unchanging. I am confident that as you invite the Holy Spirit to reveal this truth to your heart of hearts, your life will truly never be the same."

    Darlene Zschech, Worship Leader & Author

  • "I’ve often said that Bethel Church is the closest place to Heaven on
    earth. I think there is a reason for it and it’s the theology held in this book about how good and how kind God is. God loves to manifest
    His presence when His essential nature of love and goodness is proclaimed. Bill Johnson has created a culture around this message that is affecting the globe. It shatters paradigms of religion that lock God’s people up in unbelief and fear. This book is what I’ve needed as I’m still growing in the knowledge of how kind and good God is. Let’s be transformed together as we read it."

    Lou Engle, TheCall

  • "This is the book that I have been waiting for. There is not a more
    important yet more misunderstood topic than our view of God’s goodness. It is the foundation we are to establish our lives on. The very nature of God’s goodness is what draws people to Jesus. The goodness of God is better than we could ever think or imagine. I am eternally grateful to Bill Johnson for laying that foundation in my own walk with the Lord."

    Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture

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