Music Moment: Find Me – Jenn Johnson

Jenn Johnson, Beautiful Surrender

Watch Jenn Johnson lead the song “Find Me” by Jonathan and Melissa Helser, on Bethel TV. “Find Me” is from the album, “Beautiful Surrender.”

  • Pam


  • J81A9G3

    -It’s the praise of God, which is a place (within the Realm: called, ‘the Kingdom of God’) by which they sing…as if to say,

    “From there you feel eternity and the heaven He has offered through His Son…forever. Very like the light -unchanging for thousand of years- He created to show us His one, true, Straight way (Way) is always there in love for us to -everyday- accept and grow in… for His good purposes, in Jesus Christ our Lord.”

    “A relationship -liken to the Father through Jesus, within us too- in fellowship forever -bound by love and proven by the light; from within us, ‘They shines from the eternal upon all and everything.’ ”

    -Redemption… is a big thing. (And) To _this_ be the glory of God…and our praise.

  • LuAnna L Oliver

    A friend of mine introduced this song to me. It is Amazing!
    Thank you so much.