Choose a track to follow along with for intensive training. Each track will be held each day of school for 1.5 hrs. You must choose 1 track to follow throughout the entirety of the school. These tracks will offer more in depth training in each field from high skilled instructors and smaller class settings.

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Keys Track

This track will focus primarily on how to use Ableton Live to play keys for worship. It is targeted for intermediate level keys players and will cover the following topics:

Intro to Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a powerful keys workstation that lives on your computer and goes with you anywhere you go. You’ll have access to all the same keys sounds, creation tools, and tracks, no matter what keyboard you are using.

Building a Set

Learn how to create a set from scratch that you can use to play at church. This set will have multiple pianos, pads to layer and filter, verb, and delay controls you can adjust while you’re playing.

Sound Design

Learn the basics of sound design, how to develop sounds and patches for keys. We’ll talk about oscillators, LFOs, envelopes, and filters. You will learn how to get great pad sounds and punchy synth leads, just to name a few.

Using Tracks in Worship

Learn how to transpose songs, split tracks into sections, and use follow cues to allow for arrangement flexibility.

Skill Level: Intermediate


Nick Stailey

Nick Stailey

Nick has been a part of the Bethel Music Band since 2016 and has been playing keys for over 15 years. He is a musician, producer, and songwriter with extensive knowledge and skill in sound design and creating custom keys patches. Nick’s website features his presets for Bethel Music songs as well as live templates for worship sets.

Electric Guitar Track

This track will be an in-depth and interactive look at guitar tone, amps, effects gear, as well as guitar parts and tips for becoming a more effective electric guitar player.

It is targeted for intermediate level electric guitar players and will cover the following topics:

Intro To Tone: Amps

Amplifiers are the core component when it comes to electric guitar tone. In this section of the course, we will cover the different styles of tube amps, and how to maximize the sound of them.

Intro To Tone: Pedals

In this course, Jonathan and David will show you how they approach the use of different kinds of effect pedals and the signal path of their pedalboards. Pedals are extremely unique and there are endless combinations of sounds that can be achieved.

Intro To Tone: Guitars

Choosing the right guitar for each project is essential to your playing. We will cover the different styles of guitars, pickups, and how we can use the differences to our sonic advantage when playing in worship sets.

Bethel Music Parts

Learn how David and Jonathan not only split up guitar parts in a worship set, but also choose to write guitar parts with 2 guitarists.

Skill Level: Intermediate


David Hislop

David Hislop

David has been a part of the Bethel Music Band since 2015 and has been playing music in the church and professionally for over 15 years. He is a musician, audio engineer, producer, and content creator with extensive knowledge and skill in music and audio production. David’s website features downloadable resources for guitar players, including his presets for Bethel Music songs.

Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee

Jonathan is an electric guitarist for Bethel Music and has been a part of the Bethel Music Band since 2017. He grew up in Atlanta, GA and attended the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in 2015. Jonathan is passionate about teaching and equipping others in ministry and music. You can learn more about Jonathan by visiting his website,

Leadership Track

How do we define leadership? What does healthy leadership look like? This track is for anyone who is wanting to grow in their leadership gifting. It will be hosted by Gabe Valenzula and feature guest speakers from the Bethel Leadership Team. It will cover the following topics:

Identifying Leaders On and Off The Stage

Because you can sing well, play well, or preach well does not mean you can lead well. Identifying and developing yourself as well as other leaders is an essential part of creating a culture that is not only powerful and effective but sustainable.

Building a Legacy and Leading from Overflow

Our inheritance in leadership is not burn out, it is abundance. We are created to lead like Jesus with freedom, joy and authority. The Father poured the same Spirit in us that raised Jesus from the dead, so that we could lead from the overflow of our relationship with Him.

Brave Communication

In the midst of conflict and everyday communication, we find ourselves faltering. Brave communication is about being prepared. It's about being gentle and powerful. It's about getting the love and grace we have in our hearts, out. Brave communication will empower you with a new mindset and practical skills that enhance your everyday in-the-moment connection with friends and strangers and keep you from panicking, avoiding, or attacking in the midst of conflict.


Gabe Valenzuela

Gabe Valenzuela

Gabe Valenzuela is the Senior Overseer of our Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Second Year program. He previously served as a Youth Pastor at Bethel Redding and as a Revival Group Pastor. Through his father’s heart, pastoral gifting, and leadership experience, Gabe brings great strength and vision to the BSSM environment. Along with his staff team, Gabe mentors, leads, and develops BSSM students to transform their God-given spheres of influence. Gabe teaches students how to successfully steward their lives and manage higher levels of responsibilities as servant leaders. While Gabe loves leading the Second Year program, he considers his family to be the most valuable aspect of his life. He lives in Redding, California, with his wife, Leah, and their four beautiful children.

Recording Studio Production

This track teaches the fundamentals of audio production, including recording and mixing techniques. It will be presented in the form of lecture and discussion, with practical examples. Some prior audio production and musical experience is highly recommended. This track is limited to 15 students. The course will cover the following topics:

Bethel Church audio overview

Microphone techniques

Sound console operations

Audio processing

Audio mixing

Speaker monitoring

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Luke Hendrickson

Luke Hendrickson

Luke Hendrickson is a producer, mixing engineer and musician. With over 20 years of professional experience and working in countless studios, he has helped people create music that captures the ear and the heart. He and his wife Sarah, currently live in Redding, CA, where he works with Bethel Church as their live broadcast mixing engineer. Luke also travels and works with many other clients.

Bass Track

This track will include a comprehensive bass tone overview including an in-depth look at its role in the mix as well as how it interacts with other instruments during a set. We will also cover pedals, parts, set preparation, flowing in spontaneous moments, and MDing. This track is for bassists of all skill levels.

Intro to Tone: Pedals - Part One

Walk through the different pedals used to create incredible tone, beginning with a quick review of the Tone Hammer Pedal and how to best craft excellent, foundational bass tone. This will include an in-depth look at frequencies, eq, and aggression.

Intro to Tone: Pedals - Part Two

Discover the power of adding more overdrive to bass tone and learn best practices with pedals such as the Microsyth as well as general information on power, second stage overdrives, and DIs.

Intro to Tone: Technique

Learn various right and left hand techniques along with tips and tricks to use in a set to best fit a moment. We will also cover how to use the Nashville Number System.

Playing at Church: The Set

Learn how to prepare for a set, tips and tricks for flowing in spontaneous moments, and the role of an MD in practice and during a set.

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced


Tanner Erickson

Tanner Erickson

Tanner has been a bassist at Bethel church, both in the local and global capacity for 7 years, and has played the bass for over 10. He is also a musician and professor at Bethel Music College.

Vocal Track

In this track you will learn how to align with God’s design for your voice. It will focus on both physiological and spiritual aspects of singing.

Session One: Vocal Training Framework

This session will focus on teaching attendees the framework Jeff uses in order to help singers reach their full potential. This includes more than just physiology, but also examines the way our beliefs can influence our physical abilities and the role that community plays in the process of developing one’s voice.

Session Two: Physiology

This session will take a closer look at the process of realigning the way our voices function today with God’s design. We will discuss the three steps to correcting vocal issues–diagnosis, prescription, and replication–as well as the primary vocal registers, why they are important, and how to develop them properly.

Session Three: The Soul-Voice Connection

This session will take a closer look at how our beliefs influence our physical voices. We will spend time examining common false beliefs and studying biblically-informed truths that are essential to singing at our fullest potential.

Sessions will also include discussion about practical issues, such as vocal health, nutrition for singers, warming up early in the morning, and vocal recovery. Jeff will take time during these sessions to work with attendees one-on-one, in order to showcase the process of vocal development for the entire class.

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced


Jeff Mathena

Jeff Mathena

Jeff Mathena is a worship leader based out of Fort Worth, TX and is the vocal coach to Kari Jobe, Phil Wickham, For King & Country, and Elevation Worship. He is the creator of The Unhindered Voice–an online community of singers and worship leaders that are dedicated to discovering what it means to sing at their fullest potential.

Drum Track

In this track you will learn the fundamentals of worship drumming along with how to support your team from the drum kit. This track is targeted for beginner to intermediate drummers and will cover the following topics:

Worship Drumming: The Approach & Our Journey

We will discuss our journey in worship music. We will detail the approach we’ve taken in our drumming & also discuss life lessons we’ve learned along the way. Come prepared with questions! We want this to be a fruitful time of learning & interaction.

Bringing Excellence to Your Craft & Your Worship Team

We will discuss what it means to thrive and excel in your instrument and on your worship team. We will walk you through practical ways to create better dynamics during rehearsals, bringing better creative ideas to the table, and ways to have a fun and effective soundcheck.

Practice, Technique, Tuning, & Mic Placement

We will go through practical ways to improve your skills behind the drum kit. You will learn basic drum theory, as well as exercises and drills to apply in your practice routine. You will also learn about tuning individual drums, mic placement and why source tone REALLY matters.

Set Preparation, Creating Parts Live VS. Studio

We will discuss our approach to learning songs on the go, creating parts in a soundcheck and writing parts in the studio. We will also go over the importance of dynamics and the art of listening.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate


David Whitworth

David Whitworth

David Whitworth is a drummer and producer with Bethel Music. He has played for various artists outside of the Bethel Music Collective, including Cory Asbury, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, and Brooke Ligertwood. David is now a resident of Nashville, TN with his wife Aly and their son Duke.

Joe Volk

Joe Volk

Joe is from Charlotte, North Carolina and has been involved with Bethel Music for the last 9 years. Beyond the Bethel Music collective, He’s also been fortunate enough to play with artists such as Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Rita Springer, Mack Brock, John Mark McMillan, Elevation Worship, and many others. Joe currently lives in Nashville, TN where he records and plays on the road with multiple artists.

Songwriting Track

In this track you will develop and grow in your songwriting skills. Learn the ins and outs of co-writing and how to write songs for corporate Worship. This track will cover the following topics:

Lyrics and Melody

Learn how to challenge yourself in writing out of the box lyrics and melodies that are still singable and corporate.


Co-Writing can bring out your hidden strengths as a writer. A fresh set of eyes and ears on a song idea can be a game changer. We know firsthand how difficult it can be to put yourself out there with your creative “babies”. A tight grip on a lyric, melody or concept rarely proves as fruitful as allowing someone else to offer input that could transform the direction of a song.

Only about 15 songs in the top 100 on CCLI were written alone, and most of those are either hymns or were written 10+ years ago. There is power in collaboration.

Song Critiques and Song Development

Receive professional feedback for your songs and work with your peers to help craft your songs to a new level.

You will be required to submit 2 songs for review before being accepted into this track.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Coming soon

Acoustic Guitar Track

In this track, we will focus on building the foundation for number system fluency and we will equip you with the tools in order to arrange and transpose music yourself. We will cover the basic understanding of scales and chords in common keys, and you will leave with the ability to read any chord chart, as well as create your own progressions on the fly.
This track is targeted for beginner guitar players and those who lead worship from the guitar. This track will cover the following topics:


Knowing your way around a scale is a fundamental part of music theory. Scales will allow you the freedom to add melodic dynamics to any song.


Learn how chords are named by understanding how chords are created. Once you understand how they are created you have the ability to utilize and altar them at will. Whether you are a novice or have some experience with chords, you will find valuable, practical information in this track.


We will look at rhythm through the lens of subdivision. This takes away the burden of “hoping” to be on time so you can focus on being engaged in playing your instrument well, even in spontaneous moments.

The Nashville Number System

The number system is a universal and efficient way to read chord charts, memorize, and move from key to key with ease. You will learn the basics of how it works and how to use it in a band setting.

Skill Level: Beginner


John Paul Gentile

John Paul Gentile

John-Paul is a versatile musician who has played both percussion and acoustic guitar on many of Bethel Music’s albums including Homecoming, Revival’s In The Air, Loft Sessions, and For the Sake of the World. He has been playing the acoustic guitar for 25 years, and is passionate about equipping people to feel confident on their instrument while flowing with the Spirit. JP lives in Franklin, TN with his wife Michaela and their two children.