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Take Courage (Live)

Circuit Rider Music, Lindy Cofer

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We’re shaking off the dust as we arise

Awake, awake, our generation cries

Salvation's song will ring throughout the earth

And every eye will see Your matchless worth


I can feel the drum of Your heartbeat

You’re calling us to be Your hands and feet

We’re rising up with courage in our hearts

To carry out Your love to the hardest and the dark


Take courage the harvest is ripe

Lift up your voice ‘cause Jesus is alive


My King has conquered every mountain top

With scars that prove that He cannot be stopped

History was changed upon the cross

With victory You rescue all that's lost

Silence will be broken with our lives

As we live out the love of Jesus Christ

What our eyes have seen our hearts we cannot ignore

We will lead this generation to the glory of the Lord


Jesus is alive

My Jesus He’s alive


There's a yes in our hearts that carries through eternity

Simple obedience changes history