I'm Free

William Matthews

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(one, two, three, four)

The spirit of the Lord's here, so there's liberty

It's freedom for you and freedom for me

The prison doors are open

The captives released

We tell of your goodness and sing jubilee


And I'm free to be

I'm free to be who I am

I'm free to love the one who came and died for me

I'm free to shout

I'm free to shout of your great love

I'm gonna tell of all you've done

Oh yes indeed

I'm free

I'm free

Yeah, I'm free, oh

I'm free

The trains of injustice no longer hold me

You've given the keys to victory

You said it is finished

The battle is won

We'll tell of your mercy and how we've overcome

(Alright now, ya'll clap your hands)