Come to Me (Spontaneous) (Live)

Bethel Music, Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson

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Verse 1

I am the Lord Your God

I go before you now

I stand beside you

I’m all around

Though you feel I’m far away

I am closer than your breath

I am with you

More than you know

Verse 2

I am the Lord your Peace

No evil will conquer you

Steady now your heart and mind

Come into My rest

Oh let your faith arise

Lift up your weary head

I am with you

Wherever you go


Come to Me, I’m all you need

Come to Me, I’m everything


I am your anchor in the wind and the waves

I am your steadfast, so don’t be afraid

Though your heart and flesh fail you

I’m Your faithful strength

I am with you

Wherever you go

Bridge 2

You are my anchor in these winds and the waves

You are my steadfast and I won’t be afraid

Even if my heart and flesh fail

I know You’re my faithful strength

You are with me

Wherever I go

Chorus 2

We come to You, You’re all we need

We come to You, our everything

Spontaneous I

Oh come what may, You’ve been faithful

Oh come what may, You will be faithful

Even when I least expect it

You are my strength

Filling, filling, filling, right now

Every heart

Spontaneous II

What You’ve done in my heart

Will be echoed for all eternity

What You’ve done with my song

It’s Your grace and Your mercy God

Come to Me (Spontaneous) (Live)

Bethel Music, Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson

Listen Here

Song Details

CCLI# 6147419

Written by Jenn Johnson, John Hendrickson

© 2011 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Used by permission.