Bethel Music | Song Review

What is Song Review?

Song Review is an application based opportunity at Bethel Music Worship School. We desire to equip song writers who have a passion for writing songs for The Church.

Applications that are accepted into Song Review will have an opportunity to meet for a 20 min

1:1 with one of the key writers at Bethel Music to get advice, finish a song, receive feedback on the song they submitted or a different song

Writers accepted into this program will have an opportunity to connect with each other at the beginning of the event, paired into groups and commissioned with co-writing a song together during their time at Worship School. These songs will be shared among each other in a private song sharing session for group feedback.

This isn't a time to get discovered. This is a time to steward and grow our gifts, lean into the Spirit and develop relationships with other songwriters who are writing at a similar level of skill.

Song Review Requirements

Your song MUST meet the following requirements to be considered for Song Review. Please do not submit a song if it doesn't meet the requirements.

  • Must be a corporate worship song
  • Must be accompanied by an instrument
  • Provide a lyrics sheet without chords or numbers - additionally chord/number charts can be provided
  • Only 1 song submission is allowed
  • Must be a complete song or have at least 2 verse, chorus and a bridge
  • Must be already registered to attend Bethel Music Worship School

How to Apply?

Audio files must be submitted with the following file naming template: yourname.songtitle.mp4

Lyric and chord sheets must be submitted with the following file naming template: yourname.songtitle.lyrics.pdf, your name.songtitle.chords.pdf

Applications must be submitted no later than July 1, 2024

Applications will be reviewed and considered for the Song Review process as they come in.

There are limited spots available.

Do not wait until July 1st to submit your application.

Applications that do not meet the requirements or do not follow the submissions requirements will not be considered.

Submit Your Application