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Josh Baldwin

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Verse 1

There is a mountain in between

What You have said and what I see

Standing before this offering

My failing heart will fight to believe


On this altar, on this road

You have called me from my home

The weight I carry is not my own

Spirit move this heart of stone

How can I walk in my new name

Father of many, the promise You gave

On this altar, on this road

I lay down my flesh and bone

Verse 2

Here on this mountain I have climbed

Wrestling doubts that flood my mind

When ashes and dust are all that remain

Will hope for the world still come from my veins?



I will sing out

Until I believe now

You’re faithful to carry me


Josh Baldwin

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Song Details

CCLI# 7083281

Written by Josh Baldwin, Bobby Strand

© 2016 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.