Heaven is Family

from Heaven Come Conference

Being at Bethel for 2 years now has taught me that revival looks like something. It looks like encouraging God’s people to stand tall in who they are, giving people permission to be fully alive, it looks like family being done well, even if it’s messy. It looks like gathering to worship the only one

Ready to Let Go

from Heaven Come Conference

At Heaven Come, God revealed so much more of Himself that I realized — the only thing I do by holding on is prohibit myself from grabbing that which is within reach that He has for me, called me to + destined me for. So tonight, after some ‘face time’ with Jesus, I’m ready to

Walked In Cynical, Walked Out Changed

from Worship Nights

“God is so good. Can’t even begin to describe the breakthrough He gave me tonight at Bethel Music‘s worship night. Walked in with a cynical mind, and walked out literally skipping around like a little kid. Never felt so blessed to worship in spirit and in truth with so many other people. It truly is what’s

Songs That Release God’s Creativity

from Have It All

“Oh man. All of this new music! It is literally moving from Glory to Glory. These songs are not incrementally better. The Spirit of God is exponentially increasing His songs and creativity through his song-army! Thank you Bethel for being forerunners. God is releasing His creativity throughout the body of Christ in an unprecedented way.

This Is What The World Needs

from Have It All

“This album is so intentional and so welcoming towards the Holy Spirit! That is exactly what the world needs, is for the believers be welcoming and open towards the spirit to welcome unbelievers! GREAT SONG AND ALBUM.” – Amber