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These albums are fresh expressions of worship captured as we pursue the presence of God. As you explore our music, we pray that you will experience the heart of the Father and who you are in Him.

Featured Albums

Alabaster Heart – Single


The Way Home

Paul McClure, Hannah McClure

Let the Redeemed – Single

Josh Baldwin


  • from We Will Not Be Shaken

    Bethel CONSISTENTLY brings a new and fresh soundtrack to the intimacy we share in Worship! We Will not Be Shaken is Lyrically brilliant with some of the most well written melodies and professional sound production in worship music PERIOD. This music INSPIRES me as well as provokes me to worship and I’m THANKFUL for this

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  • from We Will Not Be Shaken

    Great Job Bethel Music! Although this is a very new direction for them, this album is truly something new and refreshing in the worship genre, where too often songs begin to all sound the same. On this record, Bethel has continued to keep the same mission they have always possessed, while at the same time

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  • from We Will Not Be Shaken

    I was an agnostic for several years, while my wife was a Christian. She made me listen to the song, ‘No Longer Slaves.’ It resonated with me so strong that I broke down into tears. I began teaching the song to myself on the guitar last night. While learning it, I was flooded with what

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