Catch the Wind

CCLI# 7068790

written by Melissa Helser, Jonathan David Helser, Ed Cash, Molly Skaggs

© 2016 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP) / Alletrop Music (BMI) (admin. by Music Services) / Molly Skaggs (ASCAP) (Admin by Bethel Music Publishing). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Verse 1
I am sEtrong and full of life
I am sEteadfast, no compromise
I lift my sEails to the sky
I’m gonna catch the C#mwind, I’m gonna catch the winBd

Verse 2
I am bEold, no fear inside
Spread my wEings, open my life
Like an C#meagle, whose home is the sAky
I’m gonna catch the C#mwind, I’m gonna catch the wBind

Your faitEhfulness will nAever let me down E /G#      A
I’m cEonfident I’ll seAe Your goodness now E /G#      A
I kEnow You hear my hAeart, I’m singing outE /G#      A
There’s nBothing that can stopC#m Your goodG#mness nowA

Like F#mstanding on the edgeC#m of a moBuntainside
I can F#mfeel the wind stirrC#ming, lifting meB up high
I was F#mborn into freeC#mdom, I was maBde to fly

Verse (Reprise)
I am E /G#strong and full of lifeA
I am sBteadfast, no compA /C#romise
I lift my F#msails to the skBy
I’m gonna catch the wiEnd

E         E
A         A
E /G#       B    (   X2   )