Give Me Jesus

CCLI# 7001237

written by Matt Stinton

Traditional African-American Spiritual Verse Written by Matt Stinton © 2013 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Key of E


[only E]


Give me [only A2] [only C #m]Jesus
Give me [only A2] [only E maj7]Jesus
You can Ahave all this C#mworld
Give me [only A] [only E]Jesus


[only A] [only C #m] [only A] [only C #m] [only A] [only C #m] [only A] [only E maj7]


Give me the AOne my soul delights in[only E] [only B]
Give me the AOne in whom my hope is Esecurely Bfound

Securely found interludes

[only A] [only E] [only B] [only A] [only C #m] [only B] [only A] [only E] [only B]