Endless Alleluia

CCLI# 7093148

written by Cory Asbury, Ran Jackson, Ricky Jackson, Brian Johnson

© 2017 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP) / Cory Asbury Publishing (ASCAP) (admin by Bethel Music Publishing) / Richmond Park Publishing (BMI) (admin. at EssentialMusicPublishing.com) / Heavenly Junkie Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Verse 1

In the morning when I rise to meet You

In the morning when I lift my eyes

You’re the gentle light that falls around me

You’re the first thought on my mind 



Let our voices rise

All creation cries

Singing out an endless alleluia

From this moment on

Join with Heaven’s song 

Singing out an endless alleluia 


Verse 2

In the moments where You go unnoticed

In the ordinary day to day

Countless miracles of life around us

Point like arrows to Your name



Only a moment to live this life

Like shooting stars burning up the night

Till Heaven’s opened and we arrive

In Your presence Lord

In Your presence



There’s nothing better

There’s nothing better

There’s nothing better

Than this right now


Verse 3

In the evening when I lay my head down

In the evening when I close my eyes

You’re still the only One I wanna cling to 

You’re the last thought on my mind