Even If (All the More)

CCLI# 7099936

written by Jeremy Riddle, Ran Jackson, Nicolas Balachandran

© 2017 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP) / Richmond Park Publishing (BMI) / Unicorn Studio Los Angeles (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Even If (All the More)

Written by Jeremy Riddle, Ran Jackson, and Nicolas Balachandran


Verse 1

You lifted me up, out of the dirt

Washed me with kindness

With the love in Your words

Renewing the fire, of love and desire

That I carried at first


You gave me a sound, only I can release

A voice in the earth, that You call me to be

So I will not let fear, pain or regret

Steal the song I was born to sing



Even if my heart should break

Even if I’m still afraid

I will rise up and I’ll praise You all the more

Even when I feel defeat

I will live from victory

I will rise up and I’ll praise You all the more

Verse 2

You’re making me stronger

You’re making me bold

You’re igniting my spirit

With the flame of Your words

Till joy like a river

Running deep within me

Breaks out like it’s wild and free



No matter what mountains I face

Nothing’s gonna silence my praise

To You God