For the Sake of the World

CCLI# 6227030

written by Brian Johnson, Joel Taylor, Jeremy Riddle

© 2012 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Key of C

Verse 1

CI’m laying down my Csuslife
I’m giving up Ccontrol
I’m never looking Csusback
I surrender Amall
I’m living for Your Fglory Con the Csusearth

Verse 2

CThis passion in my Csusheart
This stirring in my Csoul
To see the nations Csusbow
For all the world to Amknow
I’m living for Your Fglory on the Cearth


CFor the sake of the Csusworld
Burn like a fire in Cme
Light a flame in my Csussoul for every eye to Amsee
For the sake of the Fworld burn like a fire in Cme G


AmFor every knee to bow Fdown
For every heart to Cbelieve
For every voice to cry Gout
Burn like a fire in Amme

For every tongue to Fconfess
You alone are the CKing
You are the hope of the Gearth

Burn like a fire in meF G Am C F DM Am G