CCLI# 7083280

written by Josh Baldwin, Jonathan David Helser, Bobby Strand, Tony Brown, Joe Volk

© 2016 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP) / Bethel Worship Publishing (BMI) / Tony Brown Music Designee (BMI) (admin by Bethel Worship Publishing). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Verse 1
DI will never forgetD /F# the moment I meGt You
The moment You Bmcalled my naAme
DPulled me out of the D /F#darkness, gave me a pGromise
To never thBmirst agAain

GAll that DI ever wAanted
My Gheart has Dfound in AYou

DI have tasted Alife
Nothing satisfBmies like You dGo
The Dfount that won’t run Adry
Nothing satisfBmies like You dGo

Verse 2
I want all that You offer
Your living water
Drink from the endless well
I will sit at Your table forever grateful
Forever where You dwell

DAll my fountains are in AYou
BmAll my hope is bGuilt on Your love
D /F#All my fountains are in AYou
With eBmvery breath I liGve for You, Lord