Have It All

CCLI# 7054173

written by Brian Johnson, Bobby Strand, Lindsey Strand, Mia Fieldes, Joel Taylor

© 2015 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP) / Upside Down Under (BMI)/Be Essential Songs (BMI) (both admin. by Essential Music Publishing LLC). All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Key of G

Verse 1
EmOh the Cjoy I’ve fGound
EmSurrenCdering my Gcrowns
At the Amfeet Gof the KDing
Who suAmrrendered GeverytDhing

Verse 2
EmOh the pCeace that Gcomes
When I’m Embroken Cand unGdone
By Your AmunfaiGling grDace
I can Amlift my vGoice and sDay

You can have itGsusall, LGord
Every part of C /Emy wEmorld
Take this life and bCreathe Emon
This Amheart that is now YGours

COhhEmhh, GOhhDhh
CThere is no greater callEm
Than giving You my D /F#all
G I lay it all down, DI lay it all down
CThere is no greater love
EmNo higher name D /F#above
GI lay it all down, DI lay it all down
Singing COhhEmhh, GOhhDhh