CCLI# 4873981

written by Mike Guglielmucci

© 2007 Planetshakers Ministries Int. Inc. (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing (IMI)) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Key of F


[only F] [only Bb] [only D m] [only Bb]

Verse 1

FYou hold my every moment
You B♭calm my Craging Fsea
You Fwalk with C /Eme through Dmfire
You B♭heal all my Cdisease


I Gmtrust [only F/A]in B♭You
I Gmtrust B♭in CYou


FI believe You’re my healer
DmI believe You are all I B♭need
FI believe You’re my portion
DmI believe You’re more than enough for B♭me [only C] [only D m]Jesus You’re C /Eall I B♭need [only C][only D m][only C/E]


DmNothing C /Eis Fimpossible for You
DmNothing C /Eis Fimpossible
DmNothing C /Eis Fimpossible for B♭You
You hold my Dmworld in Your Chands