I Just Want You More

CCLI# 5986657

written by William Matthews, Charles Jones, Christa Black Gifford

© 2011 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Key of OF D

Verse 1

D /F#Come and Gmeet me I am Dwaiting
Father Ahear my one desire
BmFill my Ghunger with your Dpresence
Let Your Aglory come abide


GLove Aeverlasting, Gcome and dwell with Emme


Oh BmLord, I just want You Gmore, Dmore,
I just want AYou Dmaj7/f# /F#

Verse 2

D /F#Sweet Gsurrender to Your DSpirit
Draw me Acloser to Your heart
BmI am Gthirsty for Your Dpresence
Just to Abe here where You are


GI need you, AI need you, I need you more than anything
G /BI need you, I need you ALord
GI want you, AI want you, I want you more than anything
G /BI want you, I want Ayou A /C#Lord