I'm Free

CCLI# 5986554

written by William Matthews, John-Paul Gentile

© 2011 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Key of B


B E B F#

Verse 1

The BSpirit of the Lord’s here so Ethere’s Bliberty
It’s Efreedom for Byou, and F#freedom for me
The Bprison doors are open the Ecaptives Breleased
We’ll Etell of your Bgoodness and sing F# Bjubilee


I’m Bfree to be, I’m free to Ebe who I am
I’m free to Blove the one who came and died for F#me
I’m Bfree to Ashout I’m free to E /G#shout of your great G6(no3)love
I’m gonna B /F#tell of all you’ve F#done Oh yes Bindeed

Verse 2

The Bchains of injustice, Eno longer hold Bme
You’ve Egiven the keys B to F#victory
You Bsaid it is finished, the Ebattle is Bwon
We’ll Etell of your Bmercy and F#how we’ve Bovercome

Instrumentals – 1st half of chorus repeated