My Great Reward

CCLI# 5986585

written by William Matthews, Christa Black Gifford, Jeremy Riddle

© 2011 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Key of A


D A/C# E

Verse 1

DDesire of the Enations, You have won my A /C#heart
I will always Bmlove A /C#You Dalone DHealer of the Ebroken, defender of the A /C#weak
I’ll worship You for Bmall A /C#my Ddays


Jesus You A /C#are my Dgreat Ereward
You are the A /C#prize worth Dliving Efor
So I’ll trade it A /C#all to Dlove You Emore
My great Bmreward A/C# D

Verse 2

DHow glorious Your Ename, how wonderful Your A /C#ways
I’m living to Bmadore A /C#You Dalone
DThere’s a passion that I’ve Efound here
Inside Your A /C#heart
I’m falling more in Bmlove A /C#with DYou


And I’ve Dnever seen a lover who is quite like You
There’s E /G#no other, Ano other
And Devery single moment that I’m with You
Is like E /G#no other, Ano other