We Believe

CCLI# 5986516

written by William Matthews, Christa Black Gifford

© 2011 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Key of A


A2 A A2 D

Verse 1

You Ahear us Lord
When we E /G#lift our voice
Here in one A /C#accord, DFather we ask
May your Akingdom come
And Your E /G#will be done
Here A /C#across this land, DFather we stand
In Byour truth Ddeclaring


We Abelieve, that our nation will be E /G#saved
That our cities will be A /Gfree
Every promise that you Dgive, God
We Abelieve, that your love will never E /G#end
And your mercy covers A /Gsin
Every promise that you Dgive, God we Abelieve

Verse 2

Come Afill our hearts
With your E /G#steadfast love
As we’re A /C#going forth, DFather we ask
Send your Amighty hand
With your E /G#power again
As we A /C#boldly stand, DFather we rest
In Byour truth Ddeclaring


We Bmbelieve you are Life You are DHope, You are Good
We Abelieve what you say, Your E /G#promise is True
We Bmbelieve that you Heal You DRestore,
You Forgive You have Awon every Dvictory