It Only Gets Stronger (Lo-Fi Version)


written by Jeremy Riddle, Ran Jackson

© 2017 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP) / Richmond Park Publishing (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

It Only Gets Stronger (Lo-Fi Version)
Written by Jeremy Riddle and Ran Jackson


Verse 1

I’m standing on the edge again

I feel Your breath coming on the wind

Nothing’s clear, but I can hear

The sound of Your voice


I feel You pull me back to the start

To purity and a lowly heart

And all the words, I rehearsed

Are leaving but love is heard



It only gets stronger

It only goes deeper

My head’s underwater, but somehow

I can finally breathe


It only gets stronger

It only goes deeper

My heart is on fire, and this love is

Setting me free


Verse 2

I’ve nothing but these empty hands

But with You I have everything

How can I lose, as long as You

Are the love holding onto me



All these years and all my fears

Are lost in these tears that I cry to You

And all this pain, all my hiding and all my shame

Are drowned in these waves of perfect truth

And all these lies, that have kept me blind

Disappear as I’m beholding You

Knowing all my days, I will see Your face

And nothing can erase this love