Endless Ocean

CCLI# 6494928

written by Jonathan David Helser

© 2009 Bethel Music Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.


[only D] [only F #m] [only B m] [only G] [only D]

Verse 1

DIn the beginning F#myou were singing
BmIn the end you’ll still be Gsinging over Dme
DIn this moment F#myou’re right beside me
BmYou’re everywhere, you’re in the Gair that I Dbreathe


You are an Gendless ocean, Aa bottomless Dsea

Verse 2

DIn my sin F#myou kept loving
BmThere’s no end to your Gforgiveness and mercy D
DEvery morning F#m you keep coming
BmThe waves of your affection G keep washing over meD

Verse 3

DAll those angels, F#m they are swimming
BmIn this ocean and they Gstill can find no shoreD
DDay and night, F#m night and day
BmThey keep seeing new Gsides of your face D


There’s no Gend to the affection A you have for Dme


[only G/B] [only A] [only D]