Redemption Rain

CCLI# 7006765

written by Melissa Helser, Joel Case, Justina Stevens

© 2009 Bethel Music Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Verse 1

Won’t you come up Chere, won’t you come up Fhigh
Won’t you sing his Cpraise, won’t you let it Frise
Up from C the ashes and all F your pain
Won’t you come and Cdance in Fredemption’s rain
Come up Chere


CRedemption Frain is falling Cdown, G /Bdown, Fdown
CRedemption Flove is pouring Cout, G /Bout, Fout
CRedemption’s Fsong is singing Cla G /Bla Fla
He’s singing Cla G /Bla Fla
He’s singing Cla G /Bla Fla

Verse 2

Won’t you come up Chere, come up Fnow
Won’t you leave C your worries below F the clouds
And let his Cbeauty fill your Flungs
The heavenly Cchorus has Fbegun
Come up Chere


C /GLove be in F /Amy bones
C /ELove shake F down my walls