Swan Song

CCLI# 7031345

written by Hunter Thompson, Gabriel Wilson, Dan MacKenzie

© 2014 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Key of EM



Verse 1

EmOh so long ago CI had made a choice that I would give it all
EmNot just a Cfragment of my heart Em
Though D /F#years of flood Gand fire Chave stung my soulEm
My love D /F#has not grown Gcold C


DIf these words would be Am the last words CI speak G
DI would know that these Amcame from the Cdepth of me Em

Verse 2

EmI will be the Cswan I will sing as if this was
EmTo be the song Cthat precedes me to my sleep Em
Though D /F#years of sin and Gsmoke Chave worn my soul Em
My heart D /F# wont let You Ggo C


DAnd if these words would Ambe the last Cwords I speak G
DI would know that these Amcame from the Cdepth of me G
DAnd when my lungs wont Ambreathe and my Cheart fails to Gbeat
DOf You my lips would Amsing before the Cdeath of me G


CCause if I were to die today
EmI’ll stand behind the words I say
CI’ll sing about our love the way
EmThe swan does as she sees her grave




AmJust to love You Gis worth the hell I’ve Embeen through D

AmAt the end of my days G I’ll look back and I’ll say
It was Emworth it just to love You, Dworth it just to love You