Strong In Us

CCLI# 6641867

written by Brian Johnson, Kristian Stanfill, Joel Taylor, Gabriel Wilson, Ian McIntosh

© 2013 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP) / Songs (ASCAP) Sixsteps Music (ASCAP) (Adm. at All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Key of G


Em C G

Verse 1

When Emdarkness rises all Caround us
We will see His Gglory breaking through the Dnight
The King in all His Emwonder fills us with His Cpower
Christ in us, the Ganswer, A hope for all the Dworld


EmOur God is strong in us
CHis love has overcome
GHe is alive in us, DHe is the Risen One

EmThe same power that raised Him up
CIs the power that lives in us
GOur God is strong in us, DOur God is strong in us

Em C G

Verse 2

EmHis promise stands throughout the Cages
He will never Gleave us, We are not Bm7alone
Greater than our Emweakness, He is strong to Csave us
We will stand Gvictorious, A hope for all the Dworld


CLift Him up, let the Gwhole world seeD
We will never stop Emsinging
CLift Him up, let the Gwhole world hearD
We will never stop Emshouting
CLift Him up, every Gvoice in praiseD
Everyone lift Him CupEm D