Broken for You

CCLI# 4405706

written by Brian Johnson

© 1996 Bethel Music Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.v

Key of D

Verse 1

GI’m calling Amout your name
D /F#Won’t you come Gnear to D /F#me
EmI’ve been missing those Amtimes we’ve had
D /F#Give me that passion [only E m] [only D/F#]again
GAnd a Amheart of clay D /F#that you can Gmold D /F#
EmInto into a Amheart that’s pure
D /F#Broken for Emyou

[only D/F#] [only G] [only A m] [only D/F#] [only G] [only D/F#] [only E m] [only A m] [only D/F#] [only E m] [only D/F#]

Verse 2

Come and kiss me once again
For your love is better than wine
In the secret place I’ve cried out for you
I am weak but you are strong
So let me see your face oh God
Cause with one glance of your eyes
My heart is broken, Broken for you

[only G] [only A m7] [only D2] [only G] [only E m] [only A m7] [only G] [only D2]


GOh I sleep but my Amheart is awake
D /F#It’s the voice of the Gone that I love D /F#
EmHe’s crying will you Amopen me
GMy love my Dperfect one


[only D] [only C] [only G] [only E m] (4x)