A Little Longer
We Believe

Key of F


What can I Dmdo for you
What can I B♭maj7bring to you
What kind of Csussong would you Clike me to A7sing
I’ll dance a Dmdance for you
I’ll pour out my B♭maj7love to you
What can I Csusdo for you Cbeautiful A7king


Cause B♭I can’t Csusthank Cyou Dmenough
B♭I can’t Csusthank Cyou Dmenough (repeat)
Then I hear you sing to Csusme C
FYou F /Edon’t have to do a F /Dthing
Just F /Csimply be with B♭2me and let those F /Athings go
It Gm7can wait Csusanother Cminute
FWait this F2 /Emoment is too Dmsweet
Dm /Cplease stay here here with B♭2me
And loveF /Aon me a little Gm7longer
Cause CsusI’m in Clove with Fyou