O Taste and See

CCLI# 4405627

written by Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson

© 2000 Bethel Music Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Key of G


O GTaste and Emsee that the DLord is good C
O GTaste and Emsee that the DLord is Cgood to me
You have Gturned my mourning Eminto dancing
Put Doff my rags and Cclothed me with gladness
And GI will arise and EmI will praise you
I’ll Dsing and not be Csilent


O GLord my EmGod I Dwill give thanks to Cyou forever


I will Dlive only for Cyou
I will Dlift these hands up to Cyou
I will Ddance before Cyou
I will Dshout it I will Cshout it to you