Who Can Compare to You

CCLI# 7030066

written by Matt Stinton

©2014 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Key of B


[only F#]    [only E]     [only F#]    [only B]       [only E]

Verse 1

Where would I Bbe
If it wasn’t for Your kindness Etoward me
You’ve been closer than a friend could ever G#mbe
There is nothing on the Earth that could B take D#m Your C#m  place

Verse 2

I am undoneB
For You see all there was and all that will be E
Yet you’ve set your vast affection upon meG#m
By Your voice the world was made and still You called B my C#m nameB


Who can Ecompare to F#You
Who moves my heart B the way You G#mdo
Who can Ecompare to YouC#m
Who moves my G#mheart the way BYou do


First few times
[only B]    [only C# m]    [only B/D#]    [only E]
BKingdoms come and Ekingdoms fade
But G#malways You Eremain
BAges pass and seasons E change
But alwaysG#m You remain Ethe same